The mission of x-i.net is to create, sell and license multi-sensory immersive experience environments – ranging from networked data & process visualisations to audiovisual, cutting-edge multimedia  installations and interfaces for human(body/brain)↔computer interaction – meeting the needs of its customers and to create superior value for collaborating partners.

Founded in late 2010, x-i.net researches, develops and markets solutions in the field of immersive multimedia. We create in networked, hybrid (e.g. Virtual and/or Augmented) reality formats – for products, projects, venues and events in corporate, academic, research, public and private sectors. The x-i.net asset is also an international network of collaborating partners – individual professionals, collectives and institutions. Our team also offers support in event management and organisation.

x-i.net SIA (LLC, Reg. Nr. 40103323771)
“Osēni 1”, Skrīveru pag., Aizkraukles nov. , LV-5125)
T: +371 27646700
E: info @ sia.x-i.net